A sheep can't lay in the lion's den ” - Double Gee

Double Gee

 Charismatic, confident Mississippi raised rapper/singer Double Gee is rising to fame after he launched his career in 2019. Starting off just playing around in studio he quickly took notice to how talented he really was and how much attention his music was getting from fans . He then went on to create the name for his self Double G where he released his first mixtape "Street Poetry" in 2019. As his mixtape attracted more listeners , he then went on to making hit single 'Big Ole Nigga (BON)" in 2020 A hit single that everybody knows him by until this day. Now known as Double Gee, he signed his first record deal with N.S.G. Empire( Never Stop Grinding Empire) in mid 2020. Since being on the label he now has a total of six Singles; Bomb Flow, Toxic, Sex Demon , LLV , F.U.K, and newly released Ain't Gone Lie. Double Gee Also has  an EP titled "Lethal Injection" released in stores. Double Gee currently is working on releasing releasing his first album with Never Stop Grinding Empire titled "Street Poetry 2".

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