A sheep can't lay in the lion's den ” - Double Gee

Double Gee


I'm Double Gee, I was born and raised in a small town in Mississippi. Tchula, known as the delta of Mississippi with a population of about 2,000 people. During my time in Mississippi we didn't have much entertainment besides our elders who played instruments around town with small blues bands or told jokes while sitting on the corners of stores. This was a town of only two gas stations and a very small grocery store. This town is what gave me the art of music and became the only thing I had to carry with me in my near future. As one day while with some friends at a recording studio we decided to play around on the equipment and after laying a verse my friends told me that I need to consider taking it serious cause the rest of the world need to hear it, but I laughed it off. As days and weeks passed I started to consider and started being in the studio everyday without notice it became my happy place. After my first two years of music making I became more focused and understanding that the dirty roads was like a turmoil that I was not willing to be in anymore. So I started doing small local performances making some cash to get me out the country life to bigger towns where more people could hear me and I could turn this into a career. My third year I signed to an independent label which I'm still signed to that has been pushing me and my sound in such an incredible way that I'm blessed to them. the team and I are now on this roller coaster that's finally leading to the top and once we are there we wont be looking back.

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